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Handsfree Products from Prove Communications

Motorola M930

Easy, Convenient Car Kit

With recent changes in UK law, the Motorola M930 offers a fixed in-vehicle communications experience more advanced, more reliable and more convenient than any other. Providing wider coverage than a mobile phone, the Motorola M930 has superior audio quality, voice activation name and number dialing, a colour display, easy to see large digits and a widely spaced keypad.

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Parrot CK3100

Your Mobile Phone Info via LCD

The CK3100 LCD car kit displays your mobile phone's information on an LCD screen: incoming call number, phonebook, last number called, and so on. The ingenious screen / keypad can be mounted wherever users want on the dashboard to provide the optimal viewing angle for greater comfort and useability.

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Parrot CK3200

Introducing the first Bluetooth hands free car kit with a color LCD

Your contacts are stored in the memory of the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR. The voice recognition feature enables numbers to be dialed automatically by stating the contact’s name: “Call John.“ If photos are stored and sent with your phone contacts, they can be displayed on the screen.

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Parrot MKi9200

A complete system dedicated to in-car calls and music

The Parrot MKi9200 is a Bluetooth hands-free system with a 2.4-inch high-resolution TFT colour screen. A wireless remote control can be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and allows the driver to control all the functions of the MKi9200.

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