Radio Hire

Rugged, no fuss, easy to operate radio.

Quick delivery within UK mainland, faulty radio exchange or replacement service, no license required, low cost value for money.

Prove Communications Maintenance

"A Service you can rely on…
     Efficient maintenance = Optimum reliability"

With our Optional Maintenance you can choose the type of maintenance package that will best accommodate your business communication needs and your budget.

  - Customising to suit the individual client

  - Discount on Installation charges

Opting for a Prove Communications Maintenance Contract means piece of mind. With periodic checks of your vehicle communications and reverse camera equipment, we can ensure that your equipment functions efficiently and effectively.

Prove Communications Maintenance Contract offer customer benefits with priority over non-contract repairs with discounts on labour charges. If you already have existing or out of warranty equipment we can provide maintenance from 1- 5 years.

"... excellence second to none, an all round wonderful service ..."

"... PROVE provides a cost-effective service we have come to rely on"

"always dedicated to finding the solutions to our communication needs"

Repair Service

You will find PROVE's repairs service thorough and professional.